Book Cover Progress

Cover Design 1

Cover Concept

My initial thought on a cover design was to make a statement and make it unique. I had seen a painting done by LA Williams and it contributed to my idea. I wanted a dragon fighting an angel. I wanted it to be Lucifer fighting a dragon. So I showed Dan (the artist) what I had in mind and gave him as much detail as possible. Thankfully, he is into movies too and it helped when I was trying to explain how things looked. So he gave me this layout for the cover. I liked it, but the problem was you couldn't tell that it was a dragon. I told him we need to get a wing in there so people can come to the conclusion that it's a dragon.

Cover Design 2

Cover Concept

This layout was a little better for the dragon but it also dwarfed Lucifer. So I said we need to try something else to get Lucifer on there at a decent size and make sure the dragon was visible too.

Cover Design 3

Cover Concept

I told Dan right off the bat, we have taken a step backwards with this cover. I did not like it and the red tone was bothering me. I felt it was portraying evil and I did not want Lucifer or the dragon to be tied to that because at this point, evil does not exist. I also felt the dragon did not look like a dragon. I learned from Dan that this was only a layout and not intended to be a final version of the dragon. So I had to learn when he was sending me a final and a layout. This was the layout stage.

Final Cover 1

Cover Concept

Yup, Dan felt this was a cover. I did not like it at all. The dragon looked like a dinosaur and the dark purple I wanted did not work as I had wanted. We sat down together and I showed him what I wanted him to try to do. I wanted Lucifer to be the central focus of the cover. Dan understood where I wanted the dragon placed and I also needed Lucifer's build to be reduced. For some reason Dan hulked him up. To this Day, Dan always says "I can't believe I sent that to you. It was terrible."

Final Cover 2

Cover Concept

The layout is finally the way I wanted. The dragon still looked like a dinosaur and Lucifer's face looked like a zombie. So we needed to adjust Lucifer more and completely rework the dragon's head. I liked the wing and the background looked cool but the two main things needed some work.

Final Cover 3

Cover Concept

YAY! A dragon! Dan had wanted to put things in the background but I was never pleased with how it looked. I felt the details were lacking by comparison to Lucifer and the dragon. So to keep it simple, I said just focus on Lucifer. We need to get him cleaned up.

Final Cover 4

Cover Concept

Dan came up with this idea for the hair. I did not like it. Lucifer looked like a dragonball Z character. However, I did like how he colored the hair. I also wanted to change the background. I felt it was a little too bright and colorful. I wanted the cover to be darker and have a surreal look to it. This is in Aeirliel and not earth, which is why I had Dan adjust the sky. It's not to say the sky there is not blue, but it can be other colors as well. So I told him to observe the film 300, Sleepy Hollow..etc. for a saturated look. Dan commented on the face of Lucifer as being a "blow-up doll face". haha Dan really is a great guy to work with and has a sense of humor.


Cover Concept

After 6 months of hard work, here is the result. I had Dan brighten Lucifer's wings and garment to draw attention and focus on him. I am proud of his work and it appears #2 in his portfolio that he shows to people. I am happy to say that Dan and I became good friends in this process and we will be working on the next two covers together. Dan also paid me a great compliment in saying, 'I learned a lot in working with you and I feel I am a better artist after this experience.'

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