Heaven's Wars: Prophecy of the Chosen

Heaven's Wars: Prophecy of the Chosen


For a thousand years, the heavens were in turmoil. The universe bled from the war and hatred caused by the fallen angel, Lucifer. He had once been a mighty angel and champion of God, who amassed a mighty army of followers. As bitterness and darkness overcame him, he used that army to attempt to take the throne of God and see the heavens burned to ashes. He was driven to have the universe kneel before him, for everyone in it to call him God.

But there were always angels who resisted and fought for God. The Heavenly Seven, now re-formed with Metatron, after the loss of Lucifer, stood ready to defend the free people of the universe. While not all the angels would take up arms against Lucifer, the mortals and nephilim of aeirliel stood with the angels in their fight against evil. Even with the forces of good that endured against Lucifer, the heavens cried out for a champion.

Out of shadows, from the brightest light would come such a champion. To the demonic he was known as The Feared, and to the angelic, the Arsaor. Those who opposed him saw him as an assassin, while those united behind him saw the Arsaor as a preserver of good. His identity was a mystery to the demonic and only the Seven and a handful of angels knew who the angel was and where he had come from.

Some said he was one of the nephilim, and had been raised by the animals of aeirliel. Others said he was the Chosen One, the being of prophecy who was destined to destroy Lucifer and rid the universe of evil. They all agreed, however, that this angel was an unstoppable force against the evil of the universe.

A timeless battle between good and evil has been fought and this is how it continued…

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