Heaven's Wars: Paradise Lost

Heaven's Wars: Paradise Lost


In the mystical realm known to the angels as Aeirliel and to mortals as Eden, centuries of forgotten peace followed the creation of the Adam and Eve and the many other mortals God created after them. However, the jinn, cousins to the angels, were furious about the status of the humans. After God banished the jinn from the heavens and sent them to the badlands of Aeirliel, they unleashed a brutal war on the mortals. God sent his angels to defend his treasured creation - man.

The angels and the jinn were very alike in skill, knowledge, and power, but the jinn's numbers had dwindled over thousands of years because of the folly of their leader, Iblis. Their numbers were even fewer after the war but Iblis vowed that one-day they would wreak havoc upon the Heavens. That day has yet to come.

At the end of the war, many angels grew fond of the humans. Some were so charmed that they married and had half angelic and half human children, as well as other mixed blooded angel and mortal beings called Nephilim.

But this behavior displeased other angels and intensified the jealousy of the jinn.

Lucifer was among those who despised and envied the mortals. He was the first being that God created, big brother to all angels and the leader of the lengendary Heavenly Seven. All who knew them told tales of their epic deeds and adventures. Lucifer decided if he could not convince them through his words, he would show them through action that the mortals were fallible. He tricked Adam and Eve into taking the fruit from a forbidden tree in Aeirliel.

God had been pleased with the millions of mortals he created but by taking the fruit, the first two--Adam and Eve--broke one of his laws. Instead of punishing all men, He was merciful. Realizing that Luciferís temptation and treachery had caused their disobedience, He banished only Adam and Eve to another plane of existence on the planet known as Earth. There they would toil and grow old without the gift of Godís paradise. The rest of the mortals were permitted to stay in Aeirliel despite being given the knowledge from the forbidden tree by Adam and Eve. They lived as immortals, free of old age. They would only know death if they were killed - as by an arrow or a sword.

Centuries before, God had called upon the young angel Azrael whom had been the angel chosen by God to gather the soil from the Earth to create the mortals.

Shortly after his success in preventing massive war between Mother Earth and the angels of the Heavens, Azrael married and had children. But his struggles were not over. His skills, knowledge and love would once again be put to the test.

A timeless battle between good and evil has been fought throughout eternity, and this is how it continued...

Chapter 1

In God’s throne room, everything from the stones of the stairs to the throne itself, everything was made of white marble, smooth and silky to the touch. The light shone soft and welcoming and the air was perfectly comfortable for each individual’s needs and wants.

God stood a few steps in front of His throne. He was the height of an average man with a fit build and his white beard grazed the top of his chest though he had no hair on top of his head. His eyes were a soft and humble blue. While He looked like an old man, He moved and walked like a youth in His twenties. Lucifer, one of his most prized and loved creations, stood before Him. At the beginning of time, Lucifer had seen everything that God created, from stars and planets to the living creatures. A rumor had surfaced in the Heavens that God had even revealed the secrets of creating and recreating life to Lucifer. Once the two would have done anything one another but that was long ago.

Now the seven-foot tall Lucifer stood proudly before God with his arms crossed, his envious green eyes were narrowed and his white wings curled around his body. His long straight blond hair fell down to his knees. Ageless like all angels, he appeared to be in his twenties though he was billions of years old. He was the leader of the angels and highly respected by all who knew him and while the various creations of the universe knew him as “God’s light,” his skin tone and presence had grown dark, as though he were enveloped by a shadow.

“Before anything else, I first made you. You, Lucifer, have been at My side for everything that I have created…until now. What have I done that has made you so angry?” God’s shimmering aura dimmed as He spoke, reflecting His sadness.

Lucifer glowered. “It is the humans. You show them so much love and attention that you have forgotten your angelic children, including me.”

“How could I ever forget them or you? I love all my creations.”

Shaking his head, the angel snarled, “But you love them more than you love us.”

“That is not true. You all have a place in my heart,” God pleaded. He took a step toward his first creation but stopped when Lucifer stiffened his stance and crossed his arms.

“They are not our equals and you want us to treat them as such.”

“You are more alike than different, Lucifer. In time you will see that.”

“And what if I never do?”

God sighed. “You speak as though you have made up your mind on the matter.”

“I have shown you how flawed they are. They will only continue to fail and demonstrate they have no true value.”

“Who is this angel that stands before me?” God asked unhappily. “Surely you are not Lucifer.”

Lucifer’s shadow swelled and stretched in several directions, tainting the once clear, soothing light. His darkness created a division in the throne room that made he and God appear as night and day.

“I will no longer be their slave and I will not be your puppet,” Lucifer declared. “This is where our paths separate.”

“No, my angelic son. This is where your pride divides us. Lucifer, don’t do this.”

Lucifer smirked. “Your plea only shows me how strong I am and how weak you have become.”

His shadow covered God and he faded into the darkness, which shrank into a small circle and disappeared from the room.

Alone now, God felt that a drastic shift in the universe was coming. A tear fell from his eye. “Where has your heart fallen to, my son?”

Chapter 2

In one of the four courtyards of the Heavenly Seven’s palace, Beelzebub and Azrael locked swords. This particular one was used for combat practice and training. Amid vast amount open space with rich green grasses it contained targets to practice archery and spells. Beelzebub, fourth angel created, was one of the most skilled angels in the Heavens. He was finely clothed in a black and white silk robe with a wide belt of black silk at his waist. He had tied back his long black hair neatly to keep it out of his pale face. He wielded both his long curved blade and a short sword etched with so many runes that the blade looked black.

Azrael backed away from Beelzebub, keeping his twin curved blades in front of his body. He wore his long, sandy blonde hair in several braids, and drops of sweat dripped down his pure muscle body. He was close to the same height as Beelzebub, but his body was better defined. The two brothers and friends moved as though they were each other’s shadow. Azrael was gaining speed in his movements—the pupil beginning to surpass his excellent teacher.

Beelzebub swung his short sword and long curved blade one after the other in perfect time, attacking with both simultaneously—high and low, side to side— aiming for Azrael’s neck, his shoulder, his hip. While such lethal attacks could kill an angel, they both had protective energy shields around their bodies made by Gabriel. Azrael not only blocked each attack but also countered, slicing through the air and disarming his opponent of his short sword. Azrael lunged on the offensive, relieving Beelzebub of his other sword.

As Beelzebub picked up his weapons, Azrael asked, “What do you think I should get Amy for our anniversary?”

Beelzebub quirked an eyebrow. “Is it that time again? What did you get her last time?”

“A suliel pup.” suliels were wolf-like animals that usually had bright blue eyes.

Beelzebub readied himself and the two clanged swords, pressing each other back and forth.

“Amy will love anything you get her.” Beelzebub said between thrusts. “You could get her a rock and she would love it”

“That would be a boring gift, my friend.”

“That is my point. But she will still love it. Why not a painting or perhaps a new song?”

Azrael flipped up and over Beelzebub, who turned and raised his sword behind him to block the strike.

“I have given her paintings, songs and poetry,” Azrael countered and twisted his blade off of Beelzebub’s. “I want this to be special.”

“If it is from you, it always will be special. Why not ask her what she wants? It should save you time.”

Azrael whirled his blades independently of one another but with the same objective in a fashion that Beelzebub had never seen before.

Beelzebub spun his swords to mirror his opponent’s. He was as ambidextrous as his student but Azrael moved faster than even angelic eyes could detect. He disarmed Beelzebub of both weapons at once. Beelzebub put his hands on his hips and shook his head, amazed and pleased that Azrael had become such a formable warrior.

He smiled. “You do not have to win every time.”

“But if I can, why not? Besides, why give you the chance to brag to everyone about beating me?”

“Me? Why would I do that? You know what a modest fellow I am.”

They grinned at each other and Beelzebub reached out his hands to summon his two weapons magically. Once again, the angelic brothers battled, slicing and cutting at one another with great speed and mesmerizing precision. They alternated their strikes from above, below and to the sides. Just when Beelzebub felt he had the edge, Azrael whirled his blades around his body as fast as a hummingbird’s wings while he lunged toward Beelzebub. His teacher fell back a few steps, nearly losing his balance. He teleported behind his student and tried to catch him off guard. Azrael was prepared for this tactic and extended his leg backwards into Beelzebub’s stomach. The two clanged swords again and continued their duel without slowing.

To divert his opponent’s attention, Beelzebub said, “Something you should keep in mind when it comes to any relationship, Azrael, is the importance of communication.”

“Amy and I have always been good about talking to one another. That is not my problem,” Azrael replied while ducking a blow. “The problem is getting her something out of the ordinary,”

“Then give her nothing at all. Problem solved.”

Azrael paused for an instant, his eyes lighting up. “That’s it! Beelzebub, you are cleverest man I know.”

“Aren’t I though? You really intend on getting her nothing?”

“No and yes. You will see. I am certain she will like it.”

Azrael spun his swords up diagonally, knocking away Beelzebub’s thrust. Before the other angel could recover, Azrael kicked the bottom of the hilt while hitting the blade with one his weapons. Beelzebub’s short sword flew across the courtyard and stabbed the wall.

“Another round?” Azrael asked.

Beelzebub shook his head, swinging his black hair over his shoulder. “No, I think I have beaten you enough for today. Let us test your skills in magic.”

“I think you just want to beat me in something.”

“Perhaps.” Beelzebub grinned as they picked up his swords together. “You are quite talented in Earthly magic. Not quite as good as I am, of course, but we can try to improve your skills.” He paused. ”This isn’t a safe area to practice. I would never hear the end of it from Gabriel if we blew a hole through one of the walls.”

They chuckled and entered the doors to the palace. Azrael and Beelzebub strode down a white hallway. The walls, decorated with paintings made by the Seven, were of fine, smooth marble with a glossy finish. The paintings illustrated various points in the angels’ history, particularly the various moments of creation. One painting featured Azrael, his wife Amy and their two baby angel girls, Kraiess and Olinah, that were painted centuries ago.

“Today is their naming day and I must figure out what to get them too,” Azrael said, referring to the image of his two angel daughters.

“Get them a bottle of dragon’s blood wine.”

“That is the most disgusting drink you ever made me try.”

“Ahhh, but you did try it.” Beelzebub grinned and raised his finger in the air.

A door in the hallway slammed open and a little girl named Kraiess who looked about five years old ran out with a stack of scrolls in her arms. Somehow, she could see through the scrolls piled in front of her pale face. She sprinted forward toward her father with her long black hair flying behind her.

Bursting out of the door in pursuit, Hapozatael, better known as Opal Eye, immediately tripped on his robes and crashed to the ground. While he looked old, with his long gray hair and beard, he suffered no more from the fall than a healthy twenty-year-old would have. He was the eighth angel of creation and though an opal stone took the place of one eye, he could see as well as any other angel, if not better. He cursed and mumbled under his breath as he regained his footing.

Azrael rested his soft hands on Kraiess’s shoulders to stop her.  “And where are you going?” he asked gently.

“I am going to learn more spells,” Kraiess answered in frustration. Opal Eye teaches too slow.”

“Does he now?” Azrael asked smiling.

“Yes and he is boring,” she added.

“He can be a bit wordy,” Beelzebub agreed.

“I heard that, Beelzebub! I’ll have you know that I can be very brief. Why, I have been able to get my point across without even speaking at times. When it comes to teaching heavenly and earthly magic, both—”

“Yes very brief, without a doubt,” Beelzebub interrupted sarcastically.

“Did you take Opal Eye’s scrolls?” Azrael asked, looking carefully at his daughter.

“Yes but I was going to give them back.”

“It is called stealing when you take something without asking. According to the law, you should have your hands removed. Now give them back to me!” Opal Eye reached out for his property.

Kraiess backed up against the wall and snarled at him.

Beelzebub smiled with delight. “Your daughter is like a wolf.”

Opal Eye continued to grab for his scrolls but Kraiess moved her arms and snarled again. “You act like a she-wolf,” Opal Eye said angrily.

“Opal Eye, Beelzebub, I will handle this.” Azrael knelt in front of his daughter.

“See that you do. I expect my scrolls back within the hour.” Opal Eye walked back into his chamber and slammed the door.

Azrael returned his attention to his daughter. “Kraiess, you cannot take Opal Eye’s scrolls without asking him.”

“But, Papa, I only want to learn more,” she pleaded.

“I know but you must ask first. No more chaos for a while, at least for today. It is your naming day. What do you wish me to get for you?”

She grinned. “I want wings.”

“You shall have them when you are older. You are far too young to awaken your wings.”

“No, I want to have them now. I want to have wings like you do, Father.”

Azrael couldn’t help but smile at his young daughter. She had only been in existence a little less than half a millennium and yet she wanted to be a full grown adult. Unlike angels made by God, who had a two-year childhood, angels made by the angels grew up as the mortals of aeirliel did. Every seventy years was equal to a year of physical growth in the body. This time allowed the mind to learn and expand at a rapid rate. While Azrael wanted to grant his daughter’s request, he could not. Not the way she desired. “I will see what I can do for you.”

“Thank you, Father.” Kraiess hugged him as his arms tightened around her.

 “I love you, Kraiess.”

“I love you too.”

They pulled away from each other. “Where are your mother and sister?”

“Mother is singing to Olinah again in your chambers, I think.”

“Then let us pay them a visit and provide your mother with a larger audience.” Azrael winked at Kraiess and she smiled back him.

Chapter 3

Vivid hangings, delicate curtains and bedclothes of deep crimson, purple and gray against contrasted with the pale walls of the massive room. The dark royal purple stood out amongst the colors, broken by a number of paintings and swords mounted on the walls. A large desk piled with scrolls, books and feathered pens dominated one corner. Beside it was the start of a painting but it was too early to tell what it would depict. Across from this workplace was a large bed where Amy lay with her daughter Olinah.

Both Amy and Olinah had their eyes shut and Olinah rested her head upon her mother’s chest. Amy stroked her olive-skinned fingers through her daughter’s long blonde hair. Olinah softly gripped her mother’s wavy dark curls as Amy sang.

Rest, rest your eyes, sweet darling angel.

Let, let your worries, fade into mine.

Be at ease with your soul,

Be at ease with your heart,

Burden yourself no more and

Sleep, sleep my sweet loving angel.

Dream, dream of a Heavenly place, as your worries fade, until you

Wake, wake my loving angel.

Let, let your light be felt

As you are renewed once more.

“Sing it again, my love,” Azrael said as he held Kraiess’s hand.

Beelzebub, who had followed them, remained silent.

Amy opened her lovely dark eyes in unison with Lenah’s blue ones.

“Papa!” the child exclaimed as she leaped up to hug him tightly.

“You know, you could make some noise when you enter the room,” Amy remarked with a smile as she stood and greeted him with a kiss.

“But then I would spoil the surprise.” Azrael countered. “Besides, I would never want to interrupt your singing”.

“Nor would I,” Beelzebub agreed.

Azrael crouched down in front of his youngest daughter, “Tell me, Olinah, what would you like for your naming day?”

“I wish to be able to fly like you and Mama.”

“Your wings will awaken soon enough. You and your sister wish to grow up so fast; how can I ever be able to treasure you as children?”

“Because even as we grow older, we will always be your daughters.”

Her words made Azrael smile. Even though Kraiess tended to be wild and Olinah more obedient, he loved both his daughters equally. Since he had become a father, he had understood why God could never love one of his children more than He did another. While he considered God’s love for him a gift, he now understood why his Father always said that he, Azrael, was the gift. In Azrael’s eyes, his children would always be a gift because of the love they gave to him without knowing it.

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